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This fully scalable rotary engine combines positive displacement with 100% rotary motion with only three moving parts. It has demonstrated excellent efficiency as a compressor/expander with zero lubrication and very low friction. Applications range from small portable compressors, to automotive superchargers, to industrial heat pumps.

The D2
The Cold Cycle

Cold Cycle

The Cold Cycle Engine provides the potential for Stirling engine efficiency together with higher power density and multi-fuel capability. It is capable of generating electricity from very low temperature differentials making it ideal for waste heat recovery as well as electric vehicle range extenders.


Combining the efficiency of a piston engine with the speed of a turbine, the V3 engine has demonstrated the potential for ultra-high power-to- weight. The V3 has only three moving parts for low cost and complexity. It is ideally suited for HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition) providing the potential for a cost-effective, ultra-high- powered engine with very low emissions.

The V3

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Inventing the Future
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